May 9, 2017
Tickets: $10 (Free for registered HCP families)
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Emotions. We all experience them.  But how should we respond to them?
Charlotte Watson, a mother to 2 and an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner will be providing an introduction of what to do in the moment to support yourself and your child during a period of emotional intensity.
The presentation will start with an introduction to the levels of emotions and how to increase our vocabulary around emotions.  Then will continue with show some very practical tools demonstrating what to do during periods of emotional intensity.
Charlotte’s presentation is littered with funny stories and anecdotes of how she incorporates this approach in her own life and with her own two rambunctious children.
Participants will leave with some very practical tools that they will be able to start using straight away as well as some handouts and resources that Charlotte hopes will make it on to your fridge for use in everyday life.

About Charlotte
Charlotte Watson is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner who specializes in working with parents all over the world via Skype who struggle to feel good enough.  She uses her empathetic, compassionate and validating approach to meet people where they are at with their feelings and experiences. Charlotte believes that our feelings and emotions can help guide us understanding our values but they shouldn’t overwhelm or control us.  She holds these at the cornerstones of her EFT Practice where she specializes in supporting parents who are overwhelmed, struggling or triggered by past traumas, to be able to parent and make decisions with confidence and clarity, and just feel good enough as themselves.