Philosophy & Mission Statement

Happy Corner Preschool (HCP) is a play-based preschool. Our teachers encourage children to be creative, curious and independent through open-ended activities and a child-centered curriculum. A growing body of research on early childhood development suggests that a combination of both self-directed and guided play is the best way to support children in reaching their full potential emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively. Play provides children with spontaneous opportunities to problem solve creatively and to get along with others – skills they will use for the rest of their lives. At Happy Corner, we believe learning can be and should be fun.

Our teachers work hard to ensure that our classroom reflects our philosophy. It is designed to support creative play and we are always making changes to ensure that children get to experience a variety of activities throughout their time at Happy Corner. We also have a “Butterfly Garden”, a whimsical outdoor area that children get to enjoy on most school days. If you decide to attend HCP, you will witness children who are respected and validated for who they are, working very hard on their own growing and learning in a safe and supportive environment, rich with opportunities for discovery.

Being a Parent Involvement Preschool, the school community is made up not only of the children and teachers, but also by the attending parents and families. At HCP, we strive to nurture the entire family by creating an inclusive community where all families are welcome and valued and where we all come together to learn and grow. For more information about what it means to be part of a Parent Participation Preschool, see our Prospective Parents page.

*For more information on the research around the importance of play, please read the Literature Review (497 KB) prepared by the Early Childhood Learning Division, Department of Education and Early Childhood Education, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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My two sons have attended Happy Corner Preschool and we are all so thankful for those precious years. The teachers are so gifted at accessing the individuality in each child, in creating an environment that is exciting and respectful as well as generating multi-dimensional learning opportunities. 

– Mindy P.

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