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At Happy Corner we are lucky to have teachers who are committed to providing excellence in early childhood education. They take their work seriously and truly incorporate the principles of our philosophy into each activity. HCP is a Parent Involvement Preschool, and in accordance with our regulations, we always have a parent on duty in the classroom to assist the teachers. Parents who attend preschool for their “duty days” will find they learn a great deal from our teachers, particularly in terms dealing with difficult situations without compromising respect for the child.

Hisae McMichael

I have been involved with Happy Corner since 1984 when our family joined the preschool with our oldest child. In 1992, while I was studying for my ECE Certification from Langara College, I returned as an assistant teacher, and then two years later I was hired as the supervisor of the school. Remembering how the school embraced and nurtured our family, my work at Happy Corner always brings me back to those times.

For me, our school is a rich learning environment for all of us: teachers, children and families. It is a place where discoveries happen all the time. I view our Happy Corner community as a vibrantly coloured mosaic in which each family has a significant role, either small or large, depending on the life path each is on.

I believe guidance in emotional and social development during the preschool ages has significance for children as it gives them life-long tools to co-exist with others, while also keeping alive their own identities and desires. For me, the ambience and physical set-up of the school is very important. When the learning environment is arranged properly, it becomes a third teacher in our classroom. It demonstrates our trust in the children, it makes expectations clear, and it encourages children to explore and create. In our environment, children are respected and validated for who they are and can do their own growing and learning in a very safe, supportive and cooperative manner.

Other than my love of working with children, I enjoy pottery, yoga and being a grandmother to my four grandchildren. In 2016, I was honoured to receive the Goldie Maycock Award for excellence in preschool teaching from the Council of Parent Participation Preschools of BC. I look forward to continue working with our families and children to make Happy Corner one of the best places anywhere to grow and learn for everyone.

Jiwon Huang

I am so excited to be a part of the Happy Corner Preschool family. My journey as an ECE educator began when my son was born 17 years ago. I was inspired by my son as he was shaping his view of the world around him in his early ages. It sparked my passion for Early Childhood education, children’s literature and love for children. I believe it is important for our future to provide a great education experience for our children and families. Learning through exploration and play becomes the fundamentals of a curious life long learner. And when parents and teachers work together as a team, children naturally learn the values of co-construction as we build our community together. That is why I am so thrilled about our Parent Involvement Preschool. I graduated with a bachelor of Literature and Education In Korea and received my ECE Certification at Capilano University. I had the privilege of working at the Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House as Supervisor and ECE educator for over 6 years. Besides my passion as an ECE educator I love creating stories and characters for children. I have been writing and creating the Sean Awesome series and published two children’s books with Simply Read Books Publishing in Vancouver . I also perform puppet shows and share my stories online. I enjoy visiting schools volunteering as an author to teach children about storytelling and creating characters. I have been living in Vancouver for 20 years or so, happily married with my husband and we have an only son Sean, who is the inspiration for my books. I write every day and practice hot yoga, reiki and meditation. Meditation is an important part of my life! I would love to help other people and make a meaningful contribution to humanity. As a great big Happy Corner Community, your family and ours, I look forward to having a beautiful journey together. Shall we begin?

Our oldest child is in his second year at Happy Corner and he just loves going to preschool. We definitely plan on sending our younger child when the time comes. It’s fun but they also learn a lot.

– Lisa S.

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